Ecover Dishwasher Tablets: A Fantastic and Safe Dishwashing Option

Ecover automatic dishwasher tablets

This is not my first time writing about Ecover Dishwasher tablets – they were actually listed as one of my top 10 green and natural cleaners for the kitchen in a post that I wrote a couple of years ago. In fact, they were the very first item on that list – that’s how much I like them! But since not everyone who has recently started following my blog has gone that far back and read that entry, I thought they could use their own dedicated blog post. Have I mentioned that I really, really like these little guys?

Now, let me start off by saying that the kitchen is one area of the house where I choose to only use “green” cleaners. We do a lot of cooking and eating at home, so it’s imperative for me that everything that comes into contact with food be safe: dishes, counters, the sink and pretty much every other surface in the kitchen. Whether we like it or not, cleaning supplies will leave some amount of residue behind, and if you cook your own food (or eat out of your own dishes), that residue is eventually going to come into contact with food and get ingested. So I would encourage everyone to “go green” in the kitchen, especially when there are so many great options available that aren’t much more expensive than conventional cleaning supplies and are equally effective.

Ecover wrapped dishwasher tablets

The tablets are white and individually wrapped.

Speaking of safety, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) gives Ecover Dishwasher tablets a grade of B, which translates to “Low Concern”. By comparison, Finish and Cascade formulas score anywhere from C (“Moderate Concern”) to F (“Highest Concern”).

Ecover Dishwasher Tablets Review

I’ve been using the Ecover dishwasher tablets for many years, and while I do keep some Finish Quantum on hand just in case, I honestly can’t remember a single Ecover load that I would have preferred to use the Finish on. I pair it with the Seventh Generation Free & Clear rinse aid which gets an A on EWG, and that combination gives me clean, shiny glasses, flatware and dishes every time. And that in spite of our very basic inexpensive Maytag dishwasher!

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But every now and then a load will come along that will make me worry and reach for the Finish tabs or do some pre-soaking/pre-scrubbing. For some reason dishes with baked-on food make me think that it’s just too much and the Ecover tablets won’t be able to handle it. A couple of days ago I found myself going through that thought process with a baking dish that had been used for roasting potatoes and had lots of baked-on brown oil/potato residue, especially in the corners. Normally I’d pre-soak something like this overnight, then give it a scrub and only then throw in the dishwasher with some Finish Quantum. But this time around I figured I’d just put it in with my regular Ecover load as a test. So I snapped this before picture and hoped for the best.

Dirty baking dish

Lots of baked on oil and food

I used one Ecover dishwasher tablet with that load and nothing in the prewash compartment. I set the load size to Normal, and selected Tough Scrubs Plus (which is a mysterious Maytag setting that adds some time and/or heat to your cycle) as an option.

Ecover Dishwasher Tablets Verdict

Here’s what came out the next morning:

Clean baking dish

The dish came out absolutely clean!

Yep, as you can see it is absolutely (!) spotless. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting that the baking dish would come out with absolutely no baked on reside left over – I was sure there would be a couple of spots that would need touching up. I mean, even hand-washing that kind of stuff usually requires a ton of elbow grease, but here it was just magically clean. All with the help of one little eco-friendly Ecover dishwasher tab!

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The Ecover dishwasher tablets come in two versions: citrus-scented and unscented (Zero). I typically buy the citrus version because it’s a little bit less expensive. The fragrance is very mild, and I do not get any scent left on the dishes – if that were the case I would have preferred the fragrance-free Zero version. The Citrus variety also comes in a pack of 45, but the Zero is only available in smaller packs of 25.

As for price, the 25 pack of Citrus is currently selling for $5.49 on both Amazon and Vitacost, which makes the price of a tab just $0.22! That’s actually less expensive than Finish Quantum, which is currently going for $6/25 pack on Amazon and even more at my local grocery store. On top of that Vitacost often has extra discounts on Ecover, and that will save you an extra 10-20%.
The Citrus 45 pack is currently available as an add-on item on Amazon for… just $8.87! That ‘s just $0.20/tab.

The Zero version is currently priced at $5.99 on Vitacost and $6.99 on Amazon, which brings the price per tab to $0.24-0.28.

The Seventh Generation Free & Clear rinse aid is currently $4.09 on both Amazon and Vitacost (and much, much more at my local Whole Foods!). We have medium hard water, and I have the rinse aid dispenser set to a 2 – just enough to keep glasses and flatware shiny and free of white spots. A single bottle of rinse aid probably lasts me at least a month, if not two! I did try the Ecover rinse aid, but prefer the performance of Seventh Generation.

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(Don’t forget that you can follow this link to get $10 off your first $30+ Vitacost order if you’ve never used them before! That $10 credit would almost get you two boxes of the Citrus dish tabs, or a box of tabs and some rinse aid. If you do make a purchase with my referral code, I will receive a small commission. Oh, and ebates cash back is currently 4% on the site.)


Dirty baking dish before and afterOverall I can’t recommend the Ecover dishwasher tablets enough. They are reasonably priced, safe for you and the environment, and most importantly they work. Like, really work, not “oh it’s a green product so you can’t really expect it to be as effective as the conventional stuff” work.

Tip: If your dishwasher is connected to the hot water supply, “bleed” the hot water line in the kitchen sink by running hot water till you get to maximum temperatures. And only after that run the dishwasher. By doing that you will ensure that you have the highest possible water temperature going in to the dishwasher, and that results in cleaner dishes.

Have you ever tried the Ecover dish tabs? Do you prefer to keep your kitchen as green as possible? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!



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