Holiday Laundry Gift Ideas!

Laundry gift ideas

Need some laundry gift ideas? This is what happens when you start Christmas shopping early!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am very much in the holiday mood already. I usually start buying stocking stuffers and making lists of gift ideas around October – that way I can avoid the “OMG two weeks left till Christmas and I have no idea what to do!!!” craziness that usually makes for some very pricey and not particularly thoughtful gift choices.

While I was making all these lists I thought that it would be really cool to come up with some laundry gift ideas – these are probably most useful around the holidays, but can really be used year round. Unfortunately nobody in my circle shares my passion for all things laundry, but judging by all the great comments and emails I receive from my readers there are definitely plenty of you out there who could use this!

I divided the list of laundry gift ideas into several sections, so make sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom. I start out with the obvious – laundry detergent – and then move on to household items and conclude with just random fun things that will bring a smile to the face of anyone who shares the hobby.

Laundry detergents etc.

  • Method mini laundry detergent – okay, that has to be the single cutest laundry detergent mini I have ever seen! Even though I find the actual Method detergent to be kind of “meh” (it’s pretty much middle of the road – not outstanding but not terrible either), I think this would be the perfect stocking stuffer for any laundry fan. The mini bottle offers 8 loads, so just enough to try it out without getting bored. And seriously, that little bottle is so cute I could hang it on a tree.
  • German Persil variety pack: liquid, powder or gel caps –  if your recipient has a front loading washer and has not yet tried German detergents, a variety pack offering one detergent for whites and one for colors is an awesome option! You can also get a similar package deal on Ariel liquids and even a pack of one Ariel and one Persil powder for whites, although the price on that one is outrageous, considering the boxes are only 4 loads each.
  • Baby laundry basket – know somebody with a newborn or who is expecting? A great idea would be to put together a basket of baby-friendly yet effective laundry supplies and let the parents worry about more important things than stains. Here are some ideas:
    – Ecover Zero powder + Ecover Zero liquid + Attitude fabric softener + Babyganics stain eraser (the “green” and fragrance free option; the Attitude line is currently MUCH less expensive on iHerb, and don’t forget that you can get $5 off your first order with code VMC661; Babyganics can also be found on iHerb: link)
    – Persil Sensitive powder + Persil Sensitive liquidVernel Sensitive softener + Bac-Out Stain and Odor Eliminator (these are all scented)
    – Tide Ultra Free & Gentle powder + OxiClean Baby + Downy Free & Gentle (you might notice that I’m not recommending Dreft powder – the reason is that the ingredients of Dreft are pretty much identical to the Tide F&G, with the exception of added fragrance in Dreft. I say save some money and go for the unscented version!)
    – Caldrea Sweet Pea liquid + Caldrea Sweet Pea stain remover (these are also lightly scented)
  • A “Cashmere Care set” – consisting of The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo (I love the way that stuff smells – a gorgeous cedar scent), a Lilly Brush or Sweater comb (I prefer the Lilly for finer fabrics such as cashmere and the comb for chunkier knit woolens) and a mesh washing bag for delicates. Perfect for those who are still dry cleaning their cashmere – hand washing is actually much safer and more gentle and will help the garments last longer, not to mention the cost savings. Also a great “sidecar gift” to a cashmere garment.
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Laundry Gadgets and household items

  • Nellie’s Dryer Balls or Woolzies Dryer Balls – I personally use the Nellie’s and prefer the lighter weight plastic dryer balls to the heavier wool ones (less noise), but either of these would be a great option to gift to somebody who has not yet discovered dryer balls or was hesitant to shell out that much money for them. Just a word of warning, please do not get the cheap round hard plastic ones – those will do more damage to clothes than good!
  • OXO Good Grips containers – I personally use the Emsa line, but it looks like right now it is very expensive on Amazon, so the OXO ones are another great option for air-tight powder detergent storage.
  • DecoBros Laundry Sorter – I had been reluctant to buy this for the longest time, but now it’s one of my favorite laundry accessories. The sorter is very well made, and incredibly convenient – sort your clothes by whites, colors and darks and then grab one of the inserts when it’s laundry time. It also comes in a super tiny box and assembly is very easy!
  • Leifheit Pegasus drying rack – I have the compact version of this that can fit in a standard bathtub and it is really the best drying rack out there.
  • Brabantia ironing board – Nobody makes ironing boards as beautiful as Brabantia. This is definitely a big ticket item, but I have one and absolutely love it! I have the wider size C model in Pink Santini – beautiful pink flowers on a white background with soft gray legs. It is sturdy, practical and just plain gorgeous to look at.
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Fun stuff

  • Anything laundry-themed from Etsy – they have some really awesome and quirky stuff, like vintage Tide and Persil posters that can be displayed in the laundry room, t-shirts , trinkets, jewelry and even Tide-scented perfume and body butters!
  • Laundry books – my personal favorites are Laundry: The Home Comforts Book of Caring for Clothes and Linens by Cheryl Mendelson (pretty much an excerpt from the bigger Home Comforts book, so if you already have that no need to buy both) and Field Guide to Stains, a great stain removal manual which I keep in my laundry closet by the detergents. For people with a sense of humor the provocatively-named My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag… and Other Things You Can’t Ask Martha could make a great gift, and for the more conservative gift recipient you could get Mrs. Beeton’s Household Management.
  • Laundry room decor – a lot of people set up their laundry room to be as practical as possible, but adding those finishing touches is not always in the budget. So some nice candles (maybe in a Clean Linen scent), cute baskets or a pretty area rug could really make the space more enjoyable and not just utilitarian! If you have a HomeGoods or TJMaxx/Marshall’s nearby that would probably be the best place to look for reasonably priced and attractive items.
  • Amazon Dash Button – okay, this is just so cool that I had to share, even though I’m not sure how many people will actually have a use for this. If you and your recipient have Amazon Prime (by the way, did you know that you can gift Amazon Prime? I’m addicted to Prime and would love to get a renewal as a gift!), you can order a Dash Button for only $4.99 and get $4.99 off your first Dash Button order. There are Tide and Mrs Meyers buttons available – once you receive the button you set it up to connect to your cell phone and wi-fi, select which products from the available brands you would like to order on a regular basis and then all you have to do to get more is press the Dash Button to place an order! If this isn’t living in the future, I don’t know what is. You can watch a pretty cool video on how it works here.
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So that’s it – plenty of laundry gift inspiration and laundry gift ideas for the laundry lovers in your life.

If you can think of any other laundry gift ideas to add, please don’t hesitate to share in the comments or through a private message. And most importantly, enjoy the holiday season!



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