Laundry Shopping in Europe

The detergent aisle of Mueller in Zagreb

The detergent aisle of Mueller in Zagreb – such splendor!

My husband and I recently took a much needed vacation to Croatia (words can’t explain how much I love that country!), and as a true laundry nerd I couldn’t resist doing some laundry shopping.

Regular grocery stores and supermarkets in Croatia carry mostly Austrian and Polish versions of laundry detergents, but they also have a chain of stores called Mueller that specializes in German-made products – from detergents to candy to socks. There is a giant 4-story Mueller right in the main square of Zagreb, so I spent quite a bit of time there gawking at cleaning supplies.

And can you really blame me? Just take a look at that laundry aisle! Best of all, the first week I was there Persil was on sale ($3 for a 15 load bag or bottle that I pay $20 for here) and the second week Ariel (also $3), so I got to stock up on all of those.

Here’s what I got: Persil Universal Megaperls, Persil Color Megaperls, Ariel Actilift Color powder, Ariel Actilift powder for whites, Ariel Color Gel and Ariel Gel, as well as some Somat 10 tabs and Pril gel (yikes, look at those prices…). So plenty of new things to review!

We also ended up getting an extra suitcase and checking it. Between the wine, cheese, fresh olive oil, dried figs and other great things (and of course laundry detergent) I just couldn’t leave any of it behind. But I did not get a chance to bring back some fabric softeners to try, or hygiene rinses. They had quite a variety of those available, and all were very inexpensive, but unfortunately they just would not fit… So till next time.

2 thoughts on “Laundry Shopping in Europe

  1. camille2t says:

    I would love to see laundry detergent dispensed in an ecological way…maybe refillable glass jugs or dry sheets that can be dispensed in a wax paper sleeve? Anything which can biodegrade would be awesome. The planet needs protecting from these plastics!

    • Marina Schmidt says:

      I remember many decades ago (probably 1970s) in Croatian, laundry powder was packaged in pretty cotton cloth bags. After you finished the powder, you unpicked the cotton bag and it became a handy tea towel!

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