Perwoll Black Laundry Detergent Review

Have you ever heard of Perwoll Black laundry detergent? I think there’s a little bit of confusion when it comes to the Perwoll brand. What you normally think of when you hear the name is Perwoll for Wool and Delicates, pictured below in the pink bottle. That detergent does not contain enzymes and is meant for delicates such as wool and silk: enzymes “eat away” at the proteins of wool and silk fabrics, so you should never wash those with a regular enzyme laundry detergent! So the pink Perwoll is pretty much the German sibling of the American Woolite detergent for delicates.

However that is not the only Perwoll laundry product available, their lineup also includes enzyme containing detergents for colors, whites and darks. The latter was very much recommended to me by the owner of our local Miele dealership, so I decided to give it a try.

Perwoll Black Review

By the way it also doesn’t help that this version of Perwoll seems to have changed names a bunch of times – from Perwoll Black to Perwoll Black Magic to Perwoll with ReNew+ Black Effect. For the sake of simplifying things I will refer to it as Perwoll Black in this review. (And because I’m too lazy to type out “Perwoll with ReNew+ Black Effect” every single time!)

Perwoll Black label dosage

The Perwoll Black label with dosage instructions; you can see that it is labeled as a “Light-Duty Detergent” and there are enzymes in the ingredients. (Click for the full size photo)

It’s a thick, milky white liquid with a fairly strong perfume-type scent. The dosage is about a capful for normal loads, and there are roughly 20 loads in one bottle. It is said to keep dark colors saturated much longer than regular laundry detergent. Here is a link to the ingredients list: as you can see there are 5 enzymes and fragrance (parfum) is pretty high up on the list.

Perwoll Black liquid detergent

Perwoll Black liquid

I started using the Perwoll Black laundry detergent on its own, and while I loved how soft it left clothes I didn’t really trust it completely, so I decided that a laundry experiment was in order. Yay! What I did was pretty simple: I got some light colored socks VERY dirty (don’t ask)…

Perwoll Black before

Super gross grimy socks are one of the ultimate challenges for a laundry detergent as far as I’m concerned

…and washed them along with a load of colors using nothing but Perwoll Black.

Perwoll Black load

A regular load of colors: mostly t-shirts and socks

I chose the same settings I normally use: Custom Cycle, Warm (40C/104F), Heavy Soil (prewash), Sensitive (extra rinse). I used about 1 full cap of Perwoll Black divided between the prewash and main wash compartments.

Now, a little bit about my laundry philosophy: most of the time I really prefer all-in-one solutions. I don’t want to spend time pretreating stains or adding any detergent boosters to my regular everyday loads. The reason I was curious about the strength of Perwoll Black was that with black clothing it can be difficult to tell just how clean they are getting, till the deodorant residue sets in of course. And then you’re in for some trouble!
Seriously, detergent residue is the. worst. thing. ever.

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Perwoll Black Conclusion

But back to the experiment. Here’s what I got as a result of a Perwoll Black wash:

Perwoll Black after

The results: definitely lots of dirt left over

As you can see from the picture above, Perwoll Black is definitely a light duty detergent (which it clearly states on the bottle!), and not something that can handle regular soil levels. At the same time, it leaves clothes incredibly soft, and is gentle on dark colors.

So here’s my verdict: I will continue to use Perwoll Black for loads of darks, but only as a main wash following a prewash with a healthy dose of Miele UltraColor powder. Every couple of washes I will use only a regular detergent for colors to make sure that no grime is getting built up in the fabric. This is also a fantastic option for washing jeans, cardigans and office clothes that I want to keep looking decent for a while.

Have you tried Perwoll Black? The Amazon reviews are quite positive, although the scent is a little controversial.

The Perwoll Black was purchased by me for personal use. this blog post contains affiliate links that will give me a small commission on any purchases made through the links.


5 thoughts on “Perwoll Black Laundry Detergent Review

  1. Paulie says:

    Hi Olga,
    I also use Woolite Pink – For Cashmere/Woollens & All Silk’s & Also Woolite Black – For My Dark & Black Laundry Items in my brand new Miele W1 WKF121 P.WASH 2.0. & honestly think there both fantastic products!! I also use Ariel With Actilift Liquid Gel & Powder for my Whites & Ariel With Actilift Liquid Gel For Coloured’s,& Bold Lavander & Camomile Powder,Liquid Gel,Liquid for all my Bedding/Towels,Sleepwear etc & find that all my washing comes out exceptionally clean & fresh smelling!! I also use Fairy Non-Bio Powder/Liquid Gel & Liquid if I need to do a Sensitive Wash with their Fairy Softner & also Lenor & Lenor Un-Stoppables!! My new Miele Washer has a DELICATES PROGRAMME,WOOLLEN PROGRAMME & SILKS PROGRAMME which is absolutely fantastic,+ a PRE-IRONNING SETTING to help cut out having to Iron Shirts/Jeans Trousers etc!! Think we had Tide Powder here year’s ago until it was pulled of the market for some unknown reason!! & also Wisk which deffo wasn’t very good & also one called Radion all three which pulled pff the UK/Ireland Market!!

  2. jeremy says:

    Question of the two major darkening detergents does, Perwoll black retain colors better than Woolite Dark? If you were to choose one brand what would you use?

    • Olga says:

      Hi Jeremy, I actually have never tried Woolite Dark since I’ve been happy with the performance of Perwoll, so unfortunately can’t compare the two directly. One major difference is that Woolite does not contain any enzymes, so if Perwoll is a light duty detergent Woolite will have even less cleaning power. This may not matter for garments like jeans and towels, but if you are planning to wash everyday t-shirts and socks that may or may not be enough.

  3. Samiul Firoz says:

    Actually I want to know, Is Perwoll and Woolite detergent same chemical composition? Does Perwoll and Woolite detergent contain optical brighterner? Can i use woolite detergent instead of Perwoll?

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