Cranraspberry Blog is now Olga’s Laundry Blog!

I’m very excited to say that the move is now official: after lots and lots of tweaking I decided that the new site is as ready as it will ever be, so Cranraspberry Blog has now moved to Olga’s Laundry Blog!

It’s a little sad to leave the old platform, and setting everything up on the new site has been quite a lot of work, but hopefully it will all be worth it. Having a “real” self hosted blog offers so much more in the way of editing everything to my liking. In the meantime, please send in any suggestions you may have on how to make this blog better and easier to read!

In any case I’m really looking forward to this – I will be posting primarily about laundry and eco home products and ideas, as well as about some other things that interest me and I would like to share. When I started my old blog I also wrote quite a bit about beauty, but have moved away from that over the years, so I don’t expect to devote too much tome to that (unless I come across something AMAZING of course).

I also now have a facebook and twitter page that you can follow to keep up with all the latest updates. And you can always reach out via the contact form with any questions, or just leave a comment to any of my posts!

Always yours,

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