Tide and Persil – In Search of the Perfect Laundry Detergent pt.1

persil vs tide

Is there such a thing as a perfect laundry detergent? That was the first question I asked myself when, after almost 4 years of using a wash and fold service, we finally purchased a washer and dryer. I must have spent at least two months reading various reviews, trying to figure out where to start, and finally singled out the top two recommended brands: Tide (huge in North America) and Persil (one of the biggest names in Europe). Read on to find out how they stack up!

And yes, I definitely understand both ladies in the picture above – laundry is hands down my favorite chore! While you might not see me hugging a box of detergent too often, I most certainly get excited about trying out new products, choosing new favorite scents and trying to find the absolute best laundry detergent out there.

All of the reviewed detergents are HE or HE compatible and contain enzymes unless otherwise noted (detergents with enzymes are not recommended for wool, silk and other delicate fabrics).

Update March 12, 2015: This review is about German-made Henkel Persil. If you are looking to read about the US version of Persil, Persil ProClean sold at Walmart, I posted about it here in detail and with before/after pictures.

Tide vs Persil

Left to right, top to bottom: Tide Plus Bleach Alternative (powder), Persil Universal Megaperls, Persil Color Megaperls, Tide Plus Bleach Alternative (liquid), Tide Plus Colorguard

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Our Wedding Video

I fell quite a bit behind on blogging last year due to spending pretty much every waking moment planning our wedding. The number of details you have to take into consideration is mind blowing – I don’t think I could have ever imagined that it would take so much effort! But in the end we had an absolutely perfect day on Lake Champlain in VT, and my only regret is that it didn’t last longer. Everyone always says that the day flies by too quickly for you to notice, but I never thought that it would actually apply in our case.

Well now that we are slowly easing back into normal life, I thought I would share the lovely fusion video that our wonderful photographers, Hannah Weddings, put together for us. It was such a happy day, as you can probably tell from all the laughing and tears of joy.

On a side note, since today is Veteran’s Day, I should mention that I got my gown and veil for free through a non-profit organization called Brides Across America that donates dresses to military brides in the US. I had actually gone in looking for a lace mermaid, but Heidi, the founder of BAA, picked this dress out for me and at first I didn’t even want to try it on, since it was pretty much the exact opposite of a lace mermaid! In the end it ended up being perfect, and the whole process was even captured on film for the tv show Brides of Honor.

Moving Away from Microbeads – Environmentally Friendly Exfoliator Alternatives

A reader shared this interesting infographic with me, and I thought I would spread the information about the environmental impact of polyethylene microbeads in exfoliators.

I personally have moved away from exfoliators with microbeads not only for environmental reasons, but also because they are much too rough for my sensitive skin. Ever since I discovered enzyme peels, I have forgotten that nasty, burning sensation and flaking for several days afterwards that I experienced after using exfoliators with microbeads or apricot kernels.

You can find a list of common exfoliators that contain microbeads by following this link.

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